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ZOOM meetings online from March 2020

Paul McDonald <> wrote:
thanks for reading this, this email is just your invite I never wish to share others contact details.
Hope you can make it. Only join if you want to not because we asked
Tell me before hand if any probs. 


Inaspectrum Adult Autism Meeting
Regular Wednesday Meetings 11am - 1pm will have an agenda and you are welcome to add your own items of course.
Please note the Password that is sometimes asked for EMAIL introduction FOR PASSWORD n Link
Come and go as you please during the meetings, drinks available in your kitchen (I hope) etc Usual meeting rules, no swearing please and plenty of respect for all.
This has been setup and will only change if it becomes compromised.. 
Please use our website and email when ever you wish. Email
Remember to use the chat function in Zoom in small screen mode if you need.
Thanks Stay Safe . Paul

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