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How to have great

Powerpoint Educational Meetings

All these PowerPoint presentations (PPT)

have been used at an Inaspectrum Educational Meeting

                                                         A discussion Evening!.

All contain videos from youtube.

The outline is as follows 

1. Down load the PPT of your choice.

2. Study the slides.

3. Watch the video(s)

4. Study the topic, gain your opinions on the topic 

5.Answer any questions in the slides, make your own questions.


setup: Laptop, Projector, Screen (if no walls), Loud Speakers , Extension lead, pointers, hand outs..

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The beauty of a peer to peer support group is that all lives matter,

someone is going through something you are coming up against.

The beauty of the discussion is that you are not giving advice you are giving, hopefully, inspiration.

Will add many more just run out of time tonight so here is Number 1. (one). shown in November 2016 

Work /Life Balance


Click to down Load!

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