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                Autistic       Rap

My mum misses me, my family dissess me.
Society dehumanises me. Despises me. Criticize me.
They are fossilized. I do not apologise.

I am ridiculed, violated, bullied. Ignored.
I am stared at, laughed at spat at.
What have I done to you? I mind my own business.
I do not listen. I do not see or give you the third degree.
I am holistic, simplistic certainly not materialistic.

My disability is your prejudice, systemic injustice.
Your presumptions and assumptions.
Intolerance of my difference.
Your misperception I take objection.

I am not a disorder, i'm not a symptom. Its not catching.
I'm not a label or a vegetable or a crystal angel.
I'm not a lost soul or out of control.
I'm not from outer space, or a charity case.
I am suppressed not possessed.
Institution is not a solution.

I don’t have a condition, i'm not an exhibition.
I'm not an artist or a musician, or on a hostile expedition.
Maybe I will become a politician.

I'm not an Einstein or like Rain man.
I'm not Pinocchio or Peter pan.
I'm not ill, I don’t want your pills
Or your out of date text book skills.

I'm not a zoo exhibition or a freak show,
I'm a feeling human from head to toe.
I can get lost in the worlds beauty
So don’t make me fit in your reality.
Why should I conform
To what you think is the norm

Like a Big Brother contestant
All we want is acceptance.
The world loves Happyfeet Nemo and Shrek
So should I paint my face green and be on Star Trek?

I create employment and opportunity,
I educate the world in diversity.
You cant bleed the devil out of me,
People like me have influenced history.
You need me.

So don’t cure me.
Don’t pity me just let me be.


BY Jen                                  a Poem about her son who is diagnosed with Autism


July 27, 2015

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