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Sutton Starts

                           This a copy of a letter sent to All Saints Hackbridge for their generous donation of £217.00

                              Because of this donation       Inaspectrum “Sutton”  can start!

                                                  The adventure begins!!

             The loving community of All Saints Church Hackbridge are answering the call of many Adults living with Aspergers / Autism in Sutton, even if they don’t know it, Yet... 29th March 2017 1.30-3.30pm is the official start date at Granfers Community Centre73-79 Oakhill Road SM1 3AA for this new group comes out of the Award winning “Inaspectrum Croydon” “Best South East England Adult Aspergers Peer Support Network 2017 from Eleanor Homes Global”. Adults with Autism have for a long time suffered from a lack of community, a pronounced social anxiety and a lack of suitable and sociable services.

            “Inaspectrum Sutton” will be organised by its members not staffed, we often find ourselves coming up against an episode that someone else has already experienced, people are encouraged to share their life experiences and meet like minded people. An experience shared can help reduce fear, anxiety and alarm, one is told what to expect when they have an interview, when going somewhere new or when attending a medical appointment.  We will encourage Autism services in Sutton to make clear their organisational strengths, many services have the best of intentions to help their client group, yet forget to make it clear what they offer and how their structure works. 


             Anyone adult with a positive interest in Autism /Aspergers is welcome to come to tea with us; you don’t need a diagnosis or a referral. INASPECTRUM IS NOT A SERVICE it is a self help peer support group, we need fundraisers, a Membership Secretary, and enablers who can help us plan and achieve what we want out of life.

Our grateful thanks go out to Rev. Lynn Billin and the Hackbridge Community for this wonderful opportunity to change lives for the better!


Further info Paul 07900990292

Find us at "A" on the map and the building looks like the lower photo

Telephone: 020 8644 2867

Twitter: @SuttonCVS



(you can find the email addresses for individual members of staff on the scvs staff page)


Find us

SCVS is based a 10 minute walk from Sutton town centre at Granfers Community Centre:

Granfers Community Centre, 73-79 Oakhill Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 3AA

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