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Queens Resource Centre Taken from the wonderful "Hear US" website Sorry for not asking ;-(

What does Queens Resource Centre do?
South Croydon Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) is a health and social care team that provides assessment and treatment services for adults aged 18 – 65 with mental health and social care needs, whose GP is located in the London Borough of Croydon.

One in four people suffer from mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia, at some stage in their life and are treated by their GP. Some people may also have more complicated problems and could be referred by their GP to SLaM.

Recovering from a mental health problem can mean that you need help with different parts of your life such as medication, relationships, housing or benefits. You may want to find something rewarding and useful to do during the day, or some special help to get back your self-confidence.

SLaM aim to help people who are experiencing mental health problems by offering treatment, support, practical help and advice in order to maximise their potential and to reduce the impact of their illness.

Referral and assessment
People are often referred to SLaM by their GP. The teams will also accept referrals from inpatient services based at Bethlem Royal Hospital, Croydon Home Treatment Team and other specialist mental health teams.

When SLaM receives a referral they will contact you to arrange an initial appointment either at the Purley Resource Centre or at your home. This assessment will be carried out by a qualified mental health practitioner. SLaM will look at the difficulties you are currently experiencing as well as past experiences. This could take up to an hour and will allow SLaM to get a better understanding of how SLaM might be able to help you. The assessment will focus on many aspects of your life such as your mental and physical health, social circumstances, day-to-day activities, childcare responsibilities and finances.

After the assessment
You may only need to be seen once by SLaM and your GP will be advised as to best form of treatment. SLaM may suggest a referral to another service, or further contact with our services such as seeing a psychiatrist at the outpatient clinic. It may be helpful for you to have some talking therapy which is generally provided by a psychologist.

Following the assessment you may be allocated a care coordinator (this may be a community psychiatric nurse, a doctor, a social worker or an occupational therapist) to provide more intensive help over time.

What to expect from SLaM:
Your care coordinator will provide you with your care plan, which will tell you:
• The specific health and social care needs identified
• What SLaM plan to do and what are the intended goals of your care
• What you need to do to support your own recovery and to keep well
• How to contact the people working with you and how to make appointments with a psychiatrist at an outpatient clinic
• What signs to look for when you are becoming unwell and what you should do to get help and support
• Who will do what to support you in meeting your health and social needs?

SLaM Queens Resource Centre
SLaM Queens Resource Centre
Queens Resource Centre
66a Queens Road

020 3228 5800


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