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Autism and difficult times

          A Time of change, beyond our control,  a time for new structures and new additions and subtractions in our lives. We wont dramatically change our characters we will work around the new ideals of a sick nation that is looking for strength in adversity. 

 Communication is always difficult and gets more important the further apart we are told to be. An old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder", whilst we are not meeting may we consider each other and not consider solutions but just a communicate to know another is not forgotten, know that just 1 text can help another, even if they do not reply. 

      Everyone is suffering in different ways in their regular life and this virus brings additional demands, so consider our family/ friends and tell them you are finding it difficult.

             The empty time/ spaces we had in the house being alone which us rest may now be filled with family and intrusions, so adapt and restructure your hours telling family friends your new boundaries that keep you safe and in control of your own life. 
                Your new structure may well be based on today, the next 12 hours, one step at a time, write it down. alter it, amend it, review it and follow your choices. consider things others are asking of you, suggest and plan a better way.
For us all this is a time of learning.

                                                     Paul 24-3-2020

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