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Micro Expressions and Empathy In Autism

Research by Miss MEERA DEPALA

Let me introduce Miss Meera Depala.
A dedicated researcher from Brunel University, London.

 Meera is exploring Micro Expressions and Empathy in Autism. 


It has been said Autistic Adults are not empathetic, compassionate or loving, we know they are wrong!

We are looking for High functioning Autistic people to take part in this exciting research.

The testing is unobtrusive and peaceable from a laptop and is fully certified by the Brunel Ethics Committee, also I have been in contact with Miss Depala and her Supervisor in the Psychology Department

Any person taking part will be able to opt out at any time.

Does a person with Autism have the ability to recognise micro-expressions (suppressed involuntary expressions that last less than 1/25 of a second) and record an inward response?


If you wish to contact Miss Meera Depala email


Come and understand what you see in a face, refreshments will be provided free of charge as it is the usual Inaspectrum Coffee Morning.

Venue: Croydon Carers Centre, 12 Katharine Street, CR0 1NX, opposite the Town Hall.

Date ; 3rd February 2016

Time 10am -12Noon

Entrance Free.

All Welcome

Thanks for your consideration



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