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Women in Autism


In Autism sometimes help is required to maintain resilience, continuity & change.
This group will be for Women by Women with as much or as little help as required.

Call out for Structure, Funding skills,


The structure is important for a predictable life, whether it is about lifestyle, fixing a car, starting a group, anything and everything needs structure, it avoids wasted energy.

Funding is important but friends are more important people who plan together stay together. Money can buy you a ring but love buys you a relationship.

What Have You?

What we're about

This is a group for any female interested in or who has the Autism Spectrum Condition,
self-diagnosis is fine, All knowledge and experience welcome.

I started this group to make aware the great need for females with Autism to share and understand the demands often made on them from a world that does not understand or relate to them in a positive way.
This group will be part of Inaspectrum Adult Autism also on
it will be self-governing, and security-conscious with support from the main group.
Starting on World Autism Day 4th April. 2021 4 pm GMT.
The 1st meeting will be welcome to "Women in Autism"
Our 1st activity will be a small group event (8 women) from Yvonne a self-improvement coach based in south-west England, it will be an online Zoom session for 1 hour.
Yvonne is an Amazon Bestselling Author her Book "Suck IT up Or Change" has helped many people to overcome the difficulties of being in isolation and choosing a better, more enjoyable life. 7 sessions and a copy of her book for 6/8 women.
Whilst Yvonne is not Autistic her self, she has an excellent, compassionate manner to help bring out the best in people.
I have personally benefitted from her leadership in Nordic Walking and confidence in the community.
Check out her details at YvonneB Ltd

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