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Inaspectrum 2014.

Aims and Ambitions Goals


IN A SPECTRUM is a Voluntary, small charity (non-registered).

Our Vision is to gather together an inclusive association of people affected by Autism.

Our Goal is to have the association members contribute to the world around them.

Our Objective is to gain pictures and written examples of work we have done that encourages us and others to realise abilities, hopes and dreams.

Ethics: Create small self-determining associations and guide to sustain and divide as they grow in number and sustain and evolve, as in the life of a healthy human Cell.

if this appeals to you please register and come along.

Inaspectrum 2014 onwards

 This meeting is for people / adults affected by an aspect of Autism, we are forming an a community of people who want to know themselves and the world around them. 

£???? including refreshments to cover costs of venue, next meeting , speakers really what ever we decide to do.

This is our get together to plan get togethers, 

What are your interests?


Business enterprise

Colour Therapy?

Diamond league athletics

English country houses.

Favourite foods.

What will we do?

1. Building A Community for small associations of adults in local areas, who are  affected by Autism/ Asperger’s,

2. Living and learning by sharing Coping skills and experiance,

3. Dreamscape, enabling the extraordinary.

4. Learning to be contributors before receivers.

6. What makes a person? Discussions, “Empowering Granny”.

7. Effective and engaging communication.

8. Promoting awareness of Autism to Family, Friends and the Forest (bigger Community).

(Not all in one evening)


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