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Dear sir/ Madam:

            The situation with our accounts.

                        Until this grant with Croydon Active Communities is secured INASPECTRUM has no money of its own and funds for all activities are supplied by donations from members.   December 2014 was the start of our accounting as stated on our documents but will be brought before the management committee for change to April 2015.

            Accounts for the previous months up to and including end of March 2015

October 2014              Outgoing         £39              Incoming             £nil

November 2014                                  £39                                         £nil

December 2014                                  £82                                          £7

January 2015                                      £55.12                                      £5

February 2015                                    £42.85                                     £5

March  2015                                        £43.50                                    £15

Balance at end of financial year                                         £           Nil

Out goings include expenses for a speaker, refreshments and venue hire.


I have personally made up the difference in finances as one pays for a hobby or activity that one enjoys.

Inaspectrum has no debts and does not intend to use credit as a means of survival.




Paul McDonald

Chair/ Temp. Treasurer



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