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Aspergers its STILL LIFE !

Art week is every week for those who have Aspergers.

Life can be soooo demanding when you have a demanding social Life (so I hear).

and also

it can be demanding, even exhausting and anti social if the difficulties around getting out and about making friends, chit chatting and keeping up with work colleagues in work time are holding you back due to a condition of Aspergers.  People with Aspergers do not miss the feeling and emotions of everyday life be it in conflict or happiness, they just miss the chance to reply to the situation that they are in. 

So the thoughts and emotions are put on hold till they get home.

Art, gives people a chance to slow down and reflect on Life, even put it on to Canvas.


by Michelle

This picture did not happen over night, imagine the thoughts behind 3 flowers that are in bloom and 2 that are yet to bloom and other plants that will never bloom.

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