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We met the world

  on World Autism day.


We met teachers, specialists, caseworkers, and more

we met careworkers volunteers and Sadie met the law

We met uncles and aunties and nephews too.

and even put our flyer on the door in the loo.


ours arms got even longer as we reached out to them all.

you could not get past us we blocked half the mall.

so many new friends we made upon that day

looking to conversations, let us hear your say.


children and adults, babies just been born

 Autism is for life so let's not feel forlorn

 many tales of hard lives, my heart bleads.

 watch for Inaspectrum as it grows to meet your needs


Been failed by the services they are never quite aware.

lack of diagnosis just left me in despair.

Inaspectrum is community and I love peer to peer.

I am gonna get myself a dose of something called NO FEAR.


So you will buy the tee shirt and a banner to

 As we go marching down the street watching out for you

 let's get, fit for Education and help From CVA.

 Isnt it a alovely time for WORLD AUTISM DAY.

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