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Employment Issues

What can make this world an even place? possibly nothing but things do tend to improve over the years from cavemen till now,

A friend had an interview, she has Autism and is in the older age group, is quite capable but lacks confidence in herself. Thinking other greater than herself when she has a degree, she has raised a daughter or two and whilst she may not always thrive but survives very well.

The interview was for a type of employment that she had not tried, before, many decisions and choices to be made Firstly finding out about the work, travel, lunch, environment, the employer, other staff any perks, unions, support Disclosure etc. etc.

the interview was online some of the things that could be considered by the HR dept.

send all details to candidates a week or more in advance.

information about the company ( the candidate should search for these details as well ) information about the Interview,

Time Length of interview 

 how many people on the panel what they do, are there any independent people on the panel and those who are trained, (not think they know about Autism) in ways of helping people with Autism.

Inclusion is about total inclusion providing financial assistance, physical assistance, mental assistance, sensory assistance, concern about allergies,

concern about staff teams.... do we think candidates should be advised about the people you potentially work with if someone has Autism, a MH condition, is a bit loud or potentially harsh due to her own condition. the salaries of other staff members, where do we stop?

pictures of all the candidates and interviewers with a little background info on them, how long they been with the company? details of the interview room, temperature of working conditions noise level DBL, how cramped is the room?

what concessions can be made for any member of staff, or is it just first come first served. how about a list of interview questions for all the candidates?

Sign language, interpreter, or app will be recommended for the interview.

Tobe continued


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