• Paul

~~~~~~~My Aspie Denial~~~~~~~~


Aspergers is a form of Autism. The condition Aspergers is noted as a spectrum of aspects or a range of aspects. so imagine there are 50 aspects in the Aspergers Spectrum or Apergen Range. How many of these aspects do you need to have, in order to claim to be Aspergen? What can contribute to a person being classed as having the label of Aspergers, Aspie, Aspergen and similar labels. First lets make the List ( i am going to make this a list in progress as it will grow as incidences occur in life ) 1. I dont look people in the eyes..... I choose to look at peoples teeth when they are talking to me,

2. I find it hard to be lin a loving relationship...., well no I have had loads of loving relationships, deep, meaningful and short. 3. I don't show my emotions..... unless it is a sad or an especially happy film or story. Then I will silently cry when others don't normally. Even when watching Frozen agghh!

4. I dont like social situations.... actually I can talk for my country once I like the topic.

5. I dont see what you are talking about... in fact I see far more then you may ever see if it interests me to do so.

6. I like structure No......I will change something as often I choose

7. I do care about myself even when i was younger and used to self harm a little cuts on the arm that ruin my suntan today

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